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🎄Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 🎄
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🎄Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 🎄

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Want to find the perfect gift for your loved ones that is both sustainable, ethical and kind to our very special planet? Here are some magical ideas for every member of your family, from the kids right up to grandad we have it covered. 


1. Sarah by London skincare -

Founded by two sisters, Sarah London is the only UK skincare collection with the full list of ingredients on the front label across the entire collection. Their multi award winning skincare brand uses the highest-quality natural and organic, plant-based ingredients and is packaged in glass bottles and jars. Deliciously Ella and Venetia La Mana are mega fans. From face masks to oil cleansers their skincare range has something for everyone. If my husband is reading of my Christmas list is the green clay mask and organic face oil pretty please😉

By Sarah London Green Clay Cleansing Balm and Organic Muslin Cloth

2. Sustainable Home by Christine Liu - available at

A beautiful book providing tips to make little changes in your everyday life to become more sustainable at home. Detailing 17 projects you can implement in your home this read is a great present to introduce family members to a more eco friendly and sustainable approach. 

3. Found & Curated Vintage homemade accessories  -
Lovingly handmade from vintage fabrics we have a beautiful range of women's accessories. All handmade in the north east we have something for everyone.
1.More Plants Less Waste Cookery Book by Max La Mana  available at Blackwells
A zero waste chef and climate activist Max shares 80 yummy recipes in his first cook book including Leftover veggie nachos and crunchy cauliflower curry. Not only are his recipes extremely delicious but they will ultimately save you money and decrease any food wastage. 
Green Stem Burger
2.Bulldog skincare - available at boots or
A firm favourite in our house this men's skincare range is making huge steps in making sure its minimising their 'pawprint' and reducing plastic consumption. Their plastic tubs are now derived from sugar cane, their razors are now made from glass or bamboo and their 'original moisturiser' is now carbon neutral. These everyday products would make perfect stocking fillers. 
main product photo
1.Plant a tree kit available at
A perfect gift for little ones to get them out in the fresh air learning about nature. Complete with seeds, trowel, two compostable pots and a mini tree guide its the perfect gift for little explorers. 
Plant A Tree Kit
2. The incredible ecosystem of plant earth by Rachel Ignotofsky available at Blackwells
This beautiful hardback book illustrates our planet to little ones in all its glory. Educating the young on weather cycles, climate change and providing ideas for how to protect our plant earth.The Incredible Ecosystems of Planet Earth